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Salty's Workshops coming to Ashburton

We’ve found we are happiest making stuff with our hands, and if we can combine a few skills together, even better! It is hugely satisfying to see digital designs leap out of the computer into the real world and land on a piece of fabric we’re printing; seeing a present wrapped in our own scribbled paper almost jiggling to be ripped apart - using tea-towels printed with lavender bits grown in our own garden - I cannot totally fathom why this is so deeply satisfying! The more we can cross fertilise our ideas and images into actual objects, the more happiness we have in the making; the better our products will hopefully become.
We are beginning to understand the greater appeal of the ‘handmade’ product, and how we make it viable as a business proposition as it’s not an obvious commercial choice. Almost impossible to wholesale and compete with big companies and being unwilling to hike our prices to levels we personally couldn't afford, we’ve known we’ve needed to find another way to survive. So here comes the Salty’s Workshops. Using our skills, creativity and experience, we can offer insight into the planning and making of a range of products but what might be equally satisfying as a workshop experience is the journey to harness ideas in the first place. Looking for inspiration, exploring ideas, looking around (a bit of sketchbooking will feature) - and then the journey back home of reeling in the strands, finding appropriate techniques, making an idea into something really 'yours', not just copied.
So as we get our new Ashburton shop into shape attention is turning to planning our first workshop - we hope to be about facilitating creative journeys, holding safe space for people to take a step into creative uncertainty, permission to be playful, helping bring together the disparate strands we are made off and reworking them into something tidy or meaningful or just plain different - but whatever the result it will be somehow or other screen printed! As a direct, versatile and fun medium we look forward to assisting people find the satisfaction we enjoy, in making things with their hands - but first we’d better get started on a plan.
Salty’s workshops coming soon!  
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