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Do you 'OO' or 'Oh'? The Shrewsbury debate continues in CSONS!

Following our popping-up in Shrewsbury this April, (which happened thanks very much to the fabulous entrepreneurial creative energy of  Sam Pooley-Stride) - Our Shroosbury not ShrOWsbury print caught the eye of the Csons gang and now we are pleased to say we have delivered both versions of the print, for sale in their Shrewsbury restaurant. We couldn't think of a tastier place to be showcasing our prints - they are all about delicious, locally sourced, quality food - so all that's left is to decide - which pronounciation is right!

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Polpo, Italian for Octopus, is the second in Salty's Plat du Jour series. The image evolved from a Venice trip sketchbook -  the abundance of casual delicious snacks couldn't be ignored. What is striking in Italy (and our other European countries) is what would be considered a fine dining dish or artisanal in Britain is readily available and affordable without pomp!

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