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  We are not chefs, farmers or in any way able to cater for more than the usual Sunday lunch, but we do love our food - and all things foodish! So to honour all our culinary favourites we have begun Plat du Jour - a series of limited edition food worshipping prints - ‘ Onglet’ is the first one we rustled up, then ‘ Polpo’ came next. It really has been too long in between, so to gather a bit of momentum, we are developing a proper menu of tasty images hoping to show you all this autumn 🍂 

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How we got inky

..it started with Christmas cards, some t-shirts for presents - and then a market stall a few weeks before Christmas. And then we popped-up in Harp Lane Deli - and it all fell into place! By assembling our wares in a lovely space, gave us the chance to see how we looked as a retail proposition, without a huge risk - we make things we like and get to meet customers who like what we do. They get to meet the creators of their purchases and can ask questions, in a friendly casual way. 

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